mouthful of fish

August 20, 2003
Animal of the Moment
Humuhumunukunukuapua'a - the (unofficial) state fish of Hawaii. Its name might mean something like "fish who comes out of the water and sounds like a pig." (I learned of this fish via Joy Sikorski's "How To Draw a Radish" page-a-day calendar, where she teaches you how to draw one of these beauties.)

Politics of the Moment
Slate comapares the public version of the Re-elect Bush website to the beta version that was accidentally exposed to the public. (They got rid of the delightfully informative link caption "See more Hispanic photos.")

Flash Toys of the Moment
Vectorpark has some great little flash toys. The Thomas page has a bunch of them...the one called Egg might be the coolest, as it morphs through many different structures, you can watch it for a long time. (Many of the little creations will follow the mouse pointer.) The Levers game is also kind of cool, make your own balancing mobile.

Plug of the Moment
My Sony Clié didn't come with a cradle, just a USB cable. Since a Sony Cradle new is $50 (what a ripoff!) I thought I'd see what I could E-bay up. What I found is a great $20 replacement by Moonlight Technologies...I decided to try my luck at the Ebay auction and got it for like $12.50. It seems solidly constructed, is reasonably cute, supports both USB and old school Serial, and is a great deal overall. I might try their foldout keyboard sometime for $40. UPDATE: I dropped them a quick e-mail saying basically what I said here, and got a human response in like ten minutes. Impressive!)