reach...for atari

Oy, I'm up to my ears in atari programming, don't expect much from the site this weekend...

Funny of the Moment
From McSweeney's, a site with humor so dry it crackles, Goofus, Gallant, Rashomon. (Or stroll down memory lane with this previous Goofus and Gallant entry. Or go see the real thing.)

Brag of the Moment
Cool, my Atari programming tutorial "2600 101" finally has been added to the brilliant site Atari Age. Makes it feel more "legit"!

Games of the Moment
Spaced Penguins is a very satisfying game where you must slingshot a penguin into its spaceship, taking into account the gravity of the planets that may be in your way. For something more down-to-earth (and tougher), this carny-ish Win-A-Goldfish promises you...err, a goldfish I guess...if you manage to sink at least 2 of 5 ping pong palls into goldfish bowls from a spring launcher.