September 13, 2003
Sometimes I get the feeling I used to be more clever than I am now. But that was in college, and I was in idiot then, so maybe not. Actually, I've always had that feeling, so either I'm always getting dumber, or more aware of my limitations, or some of both.

UPDATE: bozo left a cheery message on today's Comments section, forecasting accelerating mental deterioration in my 30s, 40s, and beyond. Though I don't think that link I posted was a particularly good example...I think I just got lucky with the windows drivers, and I can probably repeat such bits of cleverness even now in my pre-middle age. Actually, the "slippage" that I'm more curious about now is usually in the form of typos...I definitely make more of them than I used to, but the diagnosis is made murky by the way I taught myself to more or less touchtype in 1999 or so. Eh, still, I have faith that my brain will be able to compensate for its own shortcomings for a long, long time.

Bozo also suggests not waiting too long before having kids, if I'm gonna have 'em....yurk. That's a bit area of indecision for both me and Mo.

Hrrm. It makes me wonder about what I see as "meaningful" in my life. In college it was getting an education chasing after R. After college, it was accimating to the workplace and managing to woo Mo. (And damn if you trying to impress women doesn't bring out the most creativity in literate guys...unfortunately, I think from an objective view I made better stuff chasing R. because the chase was so much harder.) These days, though, I think I really get satisfaction out of various projects, ongoing (like this site and the loveblender) and one-offs (like my Atari 2600 game.) I guess I've always found discussion, intellectual and otherwise, important as well.

Still, I guess I don't just view life as a quest for meaning, because I'm willing to believe childraising is about as meaningful as you can get, but I'm still very ambivalent about it.

Heh...I just glanced at this e-mail in the K+R Carousel Archive from 1995, and I was making stupid typos then, "this" for "there is"...and that's exactly the kind of sound blend typo I tend to make these days.

Hrrm. This italicized update is about 6-8 times as long as the original comment. Ah well!

Line of the Moment
I can't say any more than I love you. Anything else would be a waste of breath.
Elvis Costello
Link of the Moment
In the old link department, this Teens and Politics page for Tom Watson, a British Labour MP, is interesting; I think it's a sincere appeal to teens that works by making fun of sincere trying-to-be-cool appeals to teens. A relatively sophisticated idea for that kind of site.