September 15, 2003
Sick Joke of the Moment
"What has two legs, and bleeds profusely?"
"Half a cat."
The Don and Mike show, via some guy on Slashdot.

Games of the Moment
People who know I'm such a classic game geek may think this kind of weird, but after skimming through these Atari 2600 game reviews, I'm astounded at how many Atari games were released that I never ever heard of. I had what was a pretty big collection of games for the time, actually really big by normal kids standards (though I didn't get them 'til everyone else was moved onto NES, and my collection pales compared to the serious collectors') and so I guess to tend to forget that there was this whole world of games beyond the carts me and my friends managed to get a hold of.

Posters of the Moment
--Not the best interface for browsing but still cool, MagicGallery.com has tons of posters advertising old time magicians.

Observation of the Moment
Speaking of "eww": dangnabbit, I hate it when you sneeze and a droplet flies onto a tv screen or monitor and you see those giant R-G-B pixels reminding you of how disgusting you are.