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I had a dream the other night where Mo wanted me to get a diamond added to my wedding band, as if it was something people generally did for a certain anniversary. I really didn't want to though, preferring the simple circle. My simple wedding band spins so well on a table...also, I realize I've developed the habit of rotating the ring on my finger with my thumb when I'm walking along. I must do this more than I realize, I keep finding myself trying to do it even after I've taken the ring off for yoga...

Link of the Moment
Making the rounds last week, it's The Worst Jobs In Science. It's like a strangely comforting variation of Murphy's job; your job can't be so bad that there's not one worse. I mean, heck, some of these careers sound worse than unemployment.

Quote of the Moment
Lousy minor setbacks! This world sucks!
Homer Simpson.
Man, do I know the feeling.

Rant of the Moment
Rented "F-Zero GX", a GameCube game from Blockbuster yesterday. I'm really impressed with all thier windows plasted over with announcements how they're slashing late fees, that now days late cost the same as normal days, given how they've jacked up the minimum game rent time to like a week, and charge $6 or so accordingly. Of course they don't need to charge extra for late fees, because over the years they've just added in like 3 days of late fees into the main price. Yeesh.