electronic selfmedication

So for the past few evenings I've been taking some time and playing all the way through some old "Nintendo 64" games: Diddy Kong Racing, Battle Tanx and its sequel "Battle Tanx: Global Assault". These games are kind of like comfort-food, I know I can beat their campaign modes with out too much strain, and they're a good time all around. But it hits me that I've rarely been so aware that I am so consciously practicing escapism. This week has been a real roller coaster, and immersing myself in these goofy and fun worlds (where I'm highly confident I'll come out on top in the end) is very soothing.

Article of the Moment
Slate.com on how American parents also have a preference for sons over daughters, looking at marriage and divorce rates. The article, and the report it based, decline to speculate why that is, but my theory is this: men just don't how to relate to little girls. I think few would argue that the mother-child bond isn't stronger than the father-child bond. Therefore I'd guess that a lot of these breakups and what not happen because men just aren't emotionally in tune enough with young women, they just don't know what to do.

Just a guess.

Brag of the Moment
Another 5 or so seconds off of my 15 minutes of Warholian fame, Popular Science just asked to copy my text for this Link of the Moment ("Murphy's Job") for a new blog area they're adding to their magazine's Reader Feedback section. (I suggested cleaning up the phrasing a wee bit, I must've been in a hurry when I typed it.) I'll have to look for it in the December issue--which will come out, when, early November or something? It's odd how so many magazines always beat their cover date by like a month.

List of the Moment
MIT's Technology Review has Bruce Sterling's Ten Technologies That Deserve to Die. While I don't agree with some of them (in particular, I think he forgets about the random access qualities and special features of DVDs, along with the side benefits of material objects that look good on a shelf (as opposed to elecronically distributed alternatives)) I was struck by the one reference to "your American internal visa (formerly known as a 'driver's license')". He's got a point, for what it's worth.