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Sometimes I'm startled by how much time I've been working on some of my online projects, but mostly I'm amazed at how they aren't much older than some other well-established things in my life. For instance, it seems like I've been doing the LoveBlender digest forever, and it surprises me to realize that the Blender took its new form (and got mentioned in The New Yorker) August/September of 1997, and I started going out with Mo just a few months after that...and that I started the PalmPilot journal, the journal from which this blog springs, in the Spring of that same year. (And of course, all of that was only like a year out of college!) And I started the blog version of my journal late 2000 (I probably should've just waited for the new year, but I liked the idea of at some point being able to say it started in 2000), and that seems like an eternity ago...but my wedding (6 months later) and WTC (9 months later) seem much closer than that. (It somehow seems odd to me that I'd only been doing the blog for 6 months before getting married, and that there's so much more blog "after" than "before".)

So what's it all mean? I dunno!

Passage of the Moment
The Internation Express man couldn't understand it. I mean, in the old days, and it wasn't that long ago really, there had been an angler every dozen years along the bank; courting couples had come to listen to the splish and gurgle of the river, and to hold hands, and to get all lovey-dovey in the Sussex sunset. He'd done that with Maud, his missus, before they were married. They'd come here to spoon, and on one memorable occasion, fork.
Neil Gaiman/Terry Pratchett, "Good Omens"

Article of the Moment
I've always been a fan of Thurber, this Slate review of a book of his letters had some nice high-level analysis of his life and times.

(Solved) Nintendo Mystery of the Moment
Planet Nintendo talked about a very odd little tune that was showing up hidden in various Nintendo games...pretty cool and mysterious, though a relatively prosaic explanation exists, alas. But the whole idea of it was very provocative...

Headline of the Moment
CNN really does have the best headlines... Researchers: Monkeys use mind to move objects...I knew the research it was referring to (which seems a little behind what other folks are doing with artifical vision systems) but for a split second, I had to think "Oh my monkeys are using the Force!" This might be how "Planet of the Apes" really gets started, you know.