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Art of the Moment
If you're really into online toys like yesterday's "Sand", this Metafilter post has a whole alphabet of 'em. People on the message board really seemed to dig "Y", which reminded me of this one old videogame...

tnemoM eht fo kniL
?sdrawkcab etis siht ees ot tnaW

Site of the Moment
The Sound of Eating is a guide to the Pac-Man universe. Well, mostly just the arcade games (not the cartoon and all of that.) The Ghost Psychology page was one of the more interesting ones; amazing how much thought went into the personalities of those ghosts. I wonder how much that aided the popularity of the game, I've played some clones that I'm pretty sure had less complex ghost psychology and I don't think I notice a difference while playing.

The First Church of Pac-Man may also be worth a browse through, seems to all be on one page for easy scrollability.

If you're really intereted in this stuff, you can always see some previous Pac entries here on kisrael.