pass the peas, honey

November 2, 2003
Lyric of the Moment
i eat my peas with honey
i've done it all my life
it makes the peas taste funny
I have this kind of fetish thing about legumes dipped in sticky substances
I was bugging some of my AIM buddies with this. Few of them thought my twist of an old rhyme was as amusing as I apparently did.

Images of the Moment
Blurred up enough to not be very stimulating, some guy put all the playboy centerfolds together into 4 lumpy images, each image is the "mean average" of all the centerfolds from that decade. Worth the 5 seconds or so it takes to get the idea and move on, that's all.

Joke of the Moment
Q: How many people belonging to a certain ethnic group does it take to perform a particular menial activity?
A: A finite positive integer. One to perform the activity, and the rest to behave in a manner stereotypical of their ethnic group!
David Albert on rec.humor.funny.reruns

Shirts of the Moment
I just made a new Blender Digest...and I'm plugging some shirts I'm going to have made. I'm not sure which design we're going to go with yet, but hop on over and let me know if you're interested in getting one of these fine piece of apparel.