November 4, 2003
Sign of the Moment
This is to Certify That Asian Grill is hereby licensed by the License Comission of the City of Waltham as a "COMMON VICTUALER".
Sign in "Asian Grill Restaurant". IHNFOICIJLS* "Common Victualer".

Link of the Moment
I just read Slate's latest Surpreme Court Dispatch by Dahlia Lithwick...summaries of the proceedings and arguments with a lot of snide remarks, very fun reading. I should check out some of the older ones.

Ramble of the Moment
You know, I think smoking is kinda dumb, but everyone who smokes isn't quite as stupid as nonsmokers assume. There is a valid stress relief thing there. On the other hand, I get kind of sick of smokers' persecution complex--especially people who just throw the damn butts anywhere. That's why we're so annoyed by you! Like the bumper sticker says, or should say, "the world is not your damn ashtray". Cigarette butts are too much of a tiny toxic bit of pollution to just throw around anywhere.

Of course, I love that tobacco industry ad "TOBACCO IS WHACKO if you're a teen". How the hell did they convince anyone to let them stick that "if you're a teen" line in there? "...but if you're a grownup it ROCKS, baby" is the insinuation, I guess. Feh.

Oh, in case you haven't heard, some scientist/simpson fans managed to make the previously fictional Tomacco plant, Tomato plus tobacco. Just plain poisonous instead of incredibly tasty and addictive, but hey, if we were all yellow skinned with enormous eyes and four fingers on each hand, we'd probably handle it no problem.