leave those deckchairs alone

November 20, 2003
Quote of the Moment
"I look at life as being cruise director on the Titanic. I may not get there, but I'm going first class."
--Art Buchwald

Q+A of the Moment
What kinds of things keep you visually interested in a strip?
Emotion. Raw visible emotion. It's virtually absent from most comics today. It flared warmly with "Calvin and Hobbes" and has mostly disappeared again. That and nudity.
--Salon's Jesse Jarnow interviewing Berkeley "Bloom County" Breathed on his new Sunday-only strip "Opus".

Link of the Moment
David Cortesi has an interesting book, Secular Wholeness, "A skeptic's paths to a richer life". The content of the whole book is online, though I think I might order the deadtree edition, for the usual reasons.