the power of sixteen by sixteen icons

So, has a minor facelift. (You can see a snapshot of the old frontpage here.) It started as a slight structural page, trying to make "features" just the very most interesting parts, so people are more likely to click on the good stuff, and so Dylan's sidebar was moved up a bit. Then I decided...icons! I needed icons. Cute little 16x16 icons. I liked the old utilitarian feel of the text only links, but now each one has its own visual hook.

Please give me some feedback...I know not all the icons are stellar, but some of 'em came out pretty well I think.

Geek Project of the Moment
Some guys are hacking the 'Big Mouth Billy Bass'. Yeah, those are so 2 years ago, but the idea of using it as a teleconferencing avatar, so it is lip-synched with the person you're talking to, is irresistable.

Found Prose Poem of the Moment
You must believe me when I tell you this:
they dance naked in a circle, around a tiny fire.
If you lean in very close during quiet times,
you can hear their little drums.
Christin Keck.
He's talking about electrons, the special ones that might explain why Dell needs proprietary power supplies for their computers, in this post...still, I love the sound of those lines/