atlas snickered

December 1, 2003
Quickies of the Moment
I was amused by this article saying the latest Harry Potter is the new 'Atlas Shrugged', just because Mo is such a fan of both books. But isn't particularly libertarian. (Though I found out she skips over the long long John Galt speech.) I found it interesting to read through a list of lawsuits in the PDA industry. It's really stupid, so many of the recent ones (Involving Research in Motion) involve ideas that are totally obvious once you have handheld devices about. And finally there's this woman who makes cuddly stuffed (non-reunctional) replicas of various video game systems...everybody's got to have a hobby I guess!

Quote of the Moment
"What we call folk wisdom is often no more than a kind of expedient stupidity."
--Edward Abbey