December 9, 2003
Subculture of the Moment
Hrrm. Here's the Electic Shavers Page Nothing but electric shavers, old and new. Includes the column "Tell Mr. Steel Beard", where they actually answered my question on what kind of razor to consider getting. (I'm thinking it might be a way of getting myself to shave more often...)

I'm actually open to suggestion on electric shavers...anyone out there had nayh particulary good or bad experiences with various products?

Art of the Moment
Abstract, interactive Flash art, white vibes. Cool stuff, though suffers a bit from that old "I'm not sure if I've clicked everything interesting" frustration.

"Joke" of the Moment
Q: How far can you see on a clear day?
A: 93 million miles...from here to the Sun.
--from a slashdot discussion on physics jokes. It's not very funny, but it's an interesting point.