meat gone mad

December 24, 2003

Mad Cow in Review
So Mad Cow is in the News, this time in the USA. The little cartoon on the right is from one of my first updates, which was all about Mad Cow Disease. Also, you might be interested in this update that talks about the book "The Electric Meme" and how Prions might be the correct metaphor for getting memes from vaguue wishy-washy ideas to testible theories.

And of course, an old classic, How to identify if your cow has mad cow disease...still makes me giggle.

Man, between the flu, the California quake, and this...those terrorists are attacking us on all fronts!

News Quote of the Moment
Go to the restaurants, see the shows; there's no more exciting or better place to be.
It's all well and good to encourage people to not stop appreciate what New York has to offer, but he really needs to acknowledge the difference between "good excitement" and "bad excitement"...