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December 26, 2003
Spending the Holidays with my family. Over at my Aunt and Uncle's on the delightfully named street "Wigglesworth". For some reason neither of their PCs has a scrollwheel on its mouse...funny how much I miss that. It really is a positive ergonomic addition to the mouse in my opinion. Some high-end mice are going a bit nuts, with like a dozen buttons...kind of spoils the elegance of the thing, plus, if you start depending on obscure mice settings and gadgets, you'll miss them when using someone else's PC...

Art Toy Download of the Moment
BallDroppings is a lovely little toy...draw lines that the dropping balls will bounce off of, musical tones result. (I had some trouble when I first tried to run it, if you get an "insufficient video memory" kind of error, try decreasing the number of colors your computer is displaying.) Fun to play with, plus you can tweak many of the settings (read the webpage for details.)

(FOLLOWUP: looks like there are many more cool toys at Josh Nimoy's website. Also, I had some trouble getting the balldroppings program to run at a quick speed on some other machines, this time fiddling with the resolution help.)

Quote of the Moment
Dreams are important, otherwise sleep is just eight hours of nothing.