velvet mullet

January 11, 2004
Quote of the Moment
Marc, the Mexican-Canadian foreman, gets out of the the truck. He shakes his velvet mullet in the golden morning sun.
Action from "The Deck", a script by Andy Robinson that Erin is pitching in film school for a 10-minute short.

Article of the Moment
In response to my referral to "consensus in the scientific community" LAN3 mentioned a recent Crichton article on agenda-driven non-science that evidently has been making the rounds. It does make me rethink my postion on a few things, though I don't the article is without flaws. I mean, it is just an untestable (and therefore not-strictly-scientific) hypothesis that evolution happened, but according to Chrichton, that's beyond what science should comment on...that position seems extreme to me. Also, I doubt that SETI was the cause of this playing fast and loose with the scientific method, but rather an effect.

I previously kisrael'd a good quote by Sagan on this...though it's interesting that Crichton points to him as one of the central offenders, with the nuclear winter thing. (Heh, between that and the whole Apple BHA incident, I definately have mixed feelings about the guy.)

Link of the Moment
The Worst Sex Scenes in Moviedom. Though uh...I kind of liked "Body of Evidence". The 20 Worst Movie Titles is worth a read as well.