backlog flush #43

January 19, 2004
Go Pats! Superbowl-bound.

And today we pause to remember Martin Luth--aw, forget it. GO PATS!

But seriously. A Russian co-worker didn't know much about MLK jr. He said he actually thought less of him when we told him he was a fighter for the rights of black people, not some universal human rights guy. I tried to explain a bit about the particular issues of race relations in this country, but it was an uphill battle.

What's funny about MLK jr. is how you're "not allowed" to mention certain issues that make him seem less than perfect, like that he might've been an adulterer. Our country is so simple minded when it comes to our heroes; they can't be flawed humans.

Aw well...onto today's links...a pretty decent set, especially Joe's Brain and Worldbuilder.