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January 28, 2004
In this time of personal issues for me, it's nice to know I can bring forth so many comments of support and...err, commentary, just by whining about it a little. At the risk of sounding like some teeny-bopper-livejournaler...I love youse guys!

Quote of the Moment
Relationship = hamster. If you dissect it to see if there are any anomalies... you'll know for sure, but you won't have a hamster anymore.
Cordelia, on yesterday's comments.
It's a great quote, but I strain the metaphor, I think that you have to find some middle course between dissection and not taking its temperature with a little hamster thermometer, just assuming it's ok in its little hamster wheel and all of that...

Computer History of the Moment
For some reason, I've always been fascinated by the early was so cool, so early...the site is all about the early Mac development effort. Lots of amazing reading, if you're interested in the subject I'd recommend reading it straight through (the default chronological order works pretty well for that.) If you're in a hurry, just check out the Monkey Lives story, a good mix of human interest and techie geekery. Busy Being Born had lots of polaroids of some Mac graphical primordial ooze...unfortunately some of the larger versions are 404. And the sad story of MacBasic is a sterling example of Bill Gates at his jerkiest. (Incidentally, is a nice companion site for that, with images of all the Apple computer models made.)

Law of the Moment
The Law of Conservation of Misery: no matter what course of action is taken, the total human misery in any given situation is maintained
Bob Belleville
Quoted in's And Then He Discovered Loops, which anyone who programs computers might get a kick out of, in a Reader's Digest anecdote kind of way.

Sports of the Moment's "Uni Watch" talks about the Pats' uniform history. I hadn't seen the first year's tricorner hat logo, though I do like it a lot more than the hulking linebacker logo that followed. It's probably not cool to admit it, but I really do like the newish "flying Pats logo" a lot, design-wise it's cool, especially with the features of the face. (I previously rambled on the old vs new logo after the Pats' first superbowl win.)