go patriots

January 31, 2004
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So tomorrow the Pats are in the Sup'Bowl! A group called Meat Depressed made a little ditty, Here We Go Patriots!, a tour de force that gives oddly-insightful, thumbnail-sketch analyses of most of the other teams in the NFL.

Ah, hometown team novelty music. I think the best example of this ever was for the Cleveland Browns: Bernie, Bernie the Bleacher Bum's tribute to quarterback Bernie Kosar. (To the tune of "Louie, Louie": "Bernie, Bernie, Oh Yeah, How you can throw, Yah yah yah yah yah yah, Bernie, Bernie, Oh baby, the Superbowl")

Finally, Bill Simmons explains why the Patriots should have the game well in hand. He also tries to explain away the Pats' loss in the videogame "NFL Gameday" bowl that has succesfully predicted the winner for the last 8 years.

Link of the Moment
PG13 link: Uncle Patrick's Advice to Children, sounds like some hard-won rules-to-live-by knowledge. Funny. Actually, the rest of that "Diary of Indignities" looks pretty funny as well (archive link on the bottom of the right sidebar.)

Proverb of the Moment
The clock on the wall does not keep time to your heartbeat.