the london wonderground

February 25, 2004
Link of the Moment
Oh for cute! 15 years ago Paul Middlewick 'discovered' this elephant in the London Tube Map (the "Real Underground" flash movie link on that page is pretty cool) and now people have spotted have more animals on the underground. My mom's coming into the home stretch of her 3-year stay in London, it'll be nice to have her back stateside, animals or no.

Observation of the Moment
When a cat won't live houseplants alone, but ignores a piece of lettuce accidentally dropped on the it just being ornery?

Music Video of the Moment
Sterogram's music video "Walkie Talkie Man" is making the rounds (but was unavailable before). As LAN3 says: "Here's a pretty inventive music video. A mix of stop-motion, live action, and knitting."