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So Goodbye / Super Tuesday / Who can place the blame on you / For Kerry it's just a brand new day / Edwards I'm gonna miss you

Quote of the Moment
"It's almost like Sept. 11 is a software glitch where you go: 'Yeah, you know, that never happened! Ah, nah, forget it.' Some of the thoughts are just so unspeakable and so scary that you don't want to spend your life worried about all this stuff."
I've seen glitches like that.

Illegal Art of the Moment

--"Disneyland Memorial Orgy" by Wally Wood. You can see a larger version here. Interesting subversive use of some well known characters.

Advice of the Moment
"Thanks t'him an' some other people I hadn't counted on, I got moved in time. But that ain't all I wanna tell ya. There's a lesson in this. Nuts to the so-called friends a' yers who grin in yer face but ain't there when you need 'em. People like that are a dime a dozen. Friendliness is not one of the first things I look for in a friend. The most important things are honesty an' reliability. Gimme a sour-faced buddy who returns phone calls, shows up when he's supposed to, and pays his debts when they're due. This is a tough world, folks. We all need help t' get by so help yer friends an' make sure they help you or know th' reason why."
Harvey Pekar, the American Splendor anthology.
I really think he's right on about friendship. I mean, I think being interesting and sharing activities is important as well, but reliability is right up there. Excellent book, by the way...the best $16 I've spent in a while. Amazon has it cheaper, but I think it's better karma to buy it from a local comic place if possible.

Pekar reminds me a bit of my best friend from high school Mike Witczak. I don't know if it's the jewish eastern european thing, the east side of Cleveland, or what, but they have some similar qualities: intelligent, interested in music, a cynical outlook, some frustrations in life plan. I dunno.

Link of the Moment
The Accidental Video Game Porn Archive for the inner middle schooler in all of us. I think "Ring King" is the one that started it. It reminds me of this one animated GIF I put together, Dig Dug Does Do based on someone's comment on the usenet group rec.games.video.classic.