bachelor boy

March 4, 2004
Aargh, I'm going through what I hope is a temporary bachelor boy phase...some of it's just the trauma of my personal life, and the fact that some rooms used to be filled with stuff that turned out to be Mo's. (Though I did bring up the long folding table for the dining room, and move the one-tableish-thing-with-drawers I have to my name out to the front room so it doesn't look so bare) And I have big intentions of doing a massive cleanup but I the atari game is taking up pretty much all of my free time. I'm also willing to cut myself a little slack for a little while...I just have to make sure I don't let myself go too much.

I feel like I'm in the need of a Queer-Eye-for-the-Straight-Guy style makeover. Maybe spend a little money on stuff and not be such a cheapskate. But, I need to see what my living arrangement ends up as first.

Another issue is...I don't know, I feel a lot more apathetic in general since everything is now "just for me". I wasn't expecting that, frankly. But I guess since I'm so easy-going, when I don't have to take someone else's opinion into consideration, my standards might slip because of my inherent laziness. I also miss having a second opinion on everything. My wishy-washiness is coming back to haunt me.

Website of the Moment
GodHatesShrimp, a parody of this ugly site. For a while, I thought the latter crowd had a point that homosexuality was bibically "an abomination" while some of the other things (you know, like polycotton blends) were just smaller sins, but it looks like seafood is right there in the abomination category as well. Yeesh.

Toy of the Moment
Awesome--PsychoStudio lets you edit your own Psycho shower scene, using Hitchcock's original raw footage!

Conspiracy Theory of the Moment reporting that Howard Stern thinks it was his Bush-bashing that got him kicked off Clear Channel stations...including in some "swing states". I've started listening to Stern sometimes. It's often really pointless and annoying and juvenile, but sometimes it's really funny, and it's nicely paced, with all the commercials bunched together. The article quotes trade magazine editor Michael Harrison as saying "Howard Stern will be an influential force for the public and for other talk show hosts during the election. Despite the shock jock thing, Stern has credibility. He's looked upon as an honest person" and I think that's right on the money.

LiveJournal of the Moment
Betcha didn't know the Mars explorer Opportunity has a livejournal...and the personality of a teenage girl to go with it.