Quote and Link of the Moment
I was against gay marriage until I realized I didn't have to have one.
James Carvell, Clinton's old campaign manager. Great quote!
Also, it's worth point out that 92 years ago, another amendment was proposed, to abolish racial intermarriage.

Anti-gay marriage activists ask "but where do we draw the line", and I personally think it should be drawn at the ability to give meaningful consent. Which does allow some things that people may find distasteful (group marriage, siblings) but still.

Coins of the Moment
Looks like we might be getting a new nickel design in honor of the Louisiana Purchase. They say it's the first new nickel in over 60 years...not as cool as the state quarters, but still. (Also, nickels are my least favorite coin. Way too bulky for their value. Jefferson is a handsome man, however.)

Quote of the Moment
Live in a world of your own, but always welcome visitors.
Slashdot QotD

Tool of the Moment
You know what's a slightly underappreciated device? The basic envelope slitter / letter opener. It seems much better designed than those would-be macho sword types, and is a lot neater than the old jam-a-finger-or-key-and-rip technique. You just work the pointy-but-not-dangerous tip into the corner of the flap, and then it guides the cutting part safely where it needs to go. That's a really good design. Much easier to use than the oft-praised stapler remover, but admittedly the opener lacks the remover's fun resemblance to a ferocious biting monster head.

Anyway, I just got a free promotional envelope slitter at work. It had a place for me to put my business card, and like a dork, I put my business card there and brought it home.