of the moment forever!

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March 15, 2004
Ok, I'm sticking with "...of the Moment". It works well, pads category descriptors a bit without seeming too arbirary or drawing too much attention to itself, and can sometimes be used to goof with.

I think I finished JoustPong this weekend. I say think because Al, the guy I'm working with, claims at one point during basic sanity-check testing the Game Select switch didn't bring him back to the title screen...but the hardware he was using is known to have a twitchy Select switch, so I don't think it's out side the realm of possibility that it was a one off hardware issue...anyway, I'm freaking out about it a little, I really want to release this game at PhillyClassic.

Commercial of the Moment
The Honda cars that look like their owners ad is lovely and brilliant...though the rest of the website is less impressive, the amateurs are much less convincing.

Politics of the Moment
Intriguing side-by-side display of the official blogs of Kerry and Bush, w/ the same formatting. I didn't realize their teams were both doing blogs, I guess that's a bit of the Dean factor.

Quote of the Moment
The words of that philosopher who offers no therapy for human suffering are empty and vain.