today is the first saturday of the rest of, crap

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Stories of the Moment
Tragic Animal Love Stories...I'm not sure, but I think they come from shirts in Becky Brisco's "True If Destroyed True If Not Destroyed" line of artsy clothing. Anyway, a nice morning read. If you're in a hurry just check out Giraffe & Planes.

Link of the Moment
LAN3 and I were chatting about sites we keep up with, I'm not sure if I realized the Amazing Randi has regularly updated (and fun) content on his site.

Motivational Passage of the Moment
Resentment serves no useful purpose. The more you can let resentment go, the faster you will move ahead.

Resentment builds a wall between you and the incredible power of gratitude. Knock down that wall, and let gratitude fill the space where resentment once lived. Resentment hides life's abundance from you. Drop the resentment, and fully live the abundance.

Think of all the things you make even more difficult because you dislike doing them. Does it make sense to punish yourself so?

The next time you feel resentment welling up within you, ask yourself a question. What good will it do you to put your precious time and energy into resentment, when such resentment disconnects you from life's goodness?

Resentment will get you nothing. Let it go, and feel the sweet, powerful freedom.
Someone posted this on the loveblender and even though later, when I realized that motivational stuff is what this guy does and so I felt...I dunno, vaguely shnookered, being the kind of guy who doesn't put much stock in "feel good phrases", somehow this passage really moved me, thinking in terms of my upcoming divorce. Maybe it helped that it was in the middle of a sea of love poems. It also kind of invoked the last voiceover in American Beauty.

Actually, my instinctive dislike of this sort of motiovational stuff is interesting, because I do think being a little stupidly happy is a really good idea. I guess there's just something so bourgeois about it.

Annoucement of the Moment
This month's love is sufficiently blended.