like castle wolfenstein 3d but better

April 23, 2004
Thanks for all the feedback yesterday.

Actually, it's not so much that the "getting ready to move" vibe is made worse by the divorce reminder aspect; it's that there's the additional pressure of the "will my house sell well" anxiety to clean it up right.

Well, maybe it's not all that bad, though I do worry my real estate folks are pricing it high enough that we might not get enough nibbles before something happens to interest rates. But I don't think I'm in danger of owing on the mortgage or anything, and beyond that it's all funny money anyway.


Openhouse this Sunday. And it looks like some city workers are adding gravel so that the insane jutting rock (that was left behind when some of the other dirtroad material eroded somewhat 'cause of the recent monsoons) isn't quite so dangerous. Yay Waltham!

Comic of the Moment

Stalin vs Hitler...with translations from the original Russian, and with annotations...great stuff.

Quote of the Moment
I was the youngest of 8. All brothers. All lousy kissers.
But she did go on to make it across the rickety bridge with all these volleyballs being launched at her.