space vessels lack fuses, circuit breakers, and surge supressors, so that the control panels explode when some distant portion of the ship is damaged.

May 8, 2004
Links of the Moment
This slashdot article, Emotional Bonding with Space Probes (about how the operators of Spirit and Opportunity might feel when the probes finally run out of juice) had some interesting links off of the main article, including The Grand List of Overused Science Fiction Clichés which is pretty amusing. Also, Moving Relationships is on how people tend to attribute automobiles with personalities, especially in terms of reliabilty and safety.

Come to think of it, I haven't been singing to my car (which I do for the good -- err -- "carma") enough lately.

Milestone of the Moment
Signed the Purchase and Sale agreement for my house. No easy turning back now! I have to get cracking on an apartment, I think I'll need one by June 11, any suggestions?

More Thoughts on Living Spaces
So I looked at some apartments today.

It's weird. One place in Arlington was really nice (except for some oddly femmy wallpaper choices) but it was a little farther from Alewife/Cambridge than I wanted. Another was much better placed, had mostly decent floors, but some ugly wood panelling and over all wasn't quite as nice. And for some reason, given my self-proclaimed ability to be comfortable in almost housing setup, I almost feel...bad, or guilty, or just weird, preferring the nicer interior to the better location.

Or...something. I dunno. One undercurrent of a factor is a place that will be attractive to, or at least not scare off, potential future romantic interests. And also I guess having less tolerance for college-looking housing might be some mark of gradually maturing and refining tastes.

Oy. I hate growing up.