self-absorbed like the towel that gets wetter the more it dries

May 10, 2004
Aargh, where do I want to live?

And how much do I went to spend? Like it seems cool to be able to spend half of what I was spending on a mortgage (most of which was being sunk into interest anyway) but $300 more than that, which seems to be the going rate for the good sized apartments in Arlington I've been looking at and then I'm back in vaguely "seller's remorse" territory.

Sorry if lately this journal has been even more self-absorbed than usual. It has been that kind of weekend.

Image of the Moment
--I had Mo take this photo with her new camera when I was over dropping off an air filter. I'm trying to figure out if I like it, and if it would be good as one of several for an online personal.

Game of the Moment
Metroid Cubed is a new slant on the original NES game, literally, using some nifty little tricks to give it some visual depth while still preserving its 2D gameplay. At the bottom of the page, along with the really big white-on-green shaded "PLAY" button there are some other cool link, including Isometric Zelda and "100 Marios". (The one with rotation is pretty funny.)

It reminds me of an idea I had for a Java "MegaMan Bestiary" with user controllable versions of all the bad guys, the neat robo-creatures, of the original 8-bit NES MegaMan. I think the closest I ever got to doing that was making animated GIFs of Mo and me in Mega- form.

Journal of the Moment
Making the rounds (but Bill got me to take a second look) it's Heavy Little Objects, exceedingly readable descriptions of the random clutterables this guy has in his house.