living and dying are, in a sense, of equal value

May 28, 2004
Passage of the Moment
"You are a beautiful person, Doctor. Clearheaded. Strong. But you seem always to be dragging your heart along the ground. From now on, little by little, you must prepare yourself to face death. If you devote all of your future energy to living, you will not be able to die well. You must begin to shift gears, a little at a time. Living and dying are, in a sense, of equal value."
--Haruki Murakami, "Thailand", a short story in the collection "After the Quake". (Of course, Islamic terrorists have taken that kind of thought too much to heart.)

Archaeology of the Moment
The Archaeology Institute of America asks Was There a Trojan War? and reviews Troy as shown in current media (the movie and some television specials. I was hoping to be able to find this stuff after watching the movie, I was wondering how carefully the props etc were (Answer: they did a lot of research but felt free to grab from different periods.)

Of course the actual Trojan War was, sadly, utterly Brad Pittless.

Restaurant of the Moment
Found a new terrific place to eat last night...Café Belô...very authentic Brazilian food, in fact their default URL brings you to their Portugeuse site. It's buffet style, load up and they charge you by the pound. The buffet itself is terrific, and then they have chicken, pork, and beef roasting over charcoal at the end, and they'll carve you off big chunks of lipsmacking meat. Wonderful, so tasty, and cheap. (It's a per-pound cost, a bit more if you've Atkins'd-out and get pretty much all meat.)

Peterman and I went to the one in Allston, but I guess there are like 10 of them around...reminded me a bit of my visit to Portugal, all the way back in 1992.