let me sleep on it

June 6, 2004
Hmm...I think I found one trick to helping my back get better. The last two mornings--especially Friday morning--were awful, with my back condition notably worse than when I went to bed. Last night, though, I used my love seat to sleep on. It's a little short for the purpose, my feet kind of dangle over the side, but still, this morning I felt pretty good, maybe even a little better than the night before. I don't know if it's not being layed-out flat, or how I'm avoiding changing positions as I sleep, since there's only one position that works for sleeping on it.

Or, possibly it's the magical healing powers of Comedy Central on all night, especially their 24-hour "Reno 911" marathon.

(It's odd, I now know that sleeping on my back using this little shaped pillow helps the minor upperback pain I get once in a while, and now this loveseat trick...but I still have no idea if I prefer a hard mattress or a soft mattress.)

Also thanks to a good amount of work by Nina, Ivan, and Kayla, I'm in pretty good shape moving-wise, with a few more people coming today for batting cleanup.

In other move related news, I was really bummed to find out RCN can't serve my apartment building...they're all over Arlington but supposedly at some time in the past someone refused them permission to set up the connection at my building. Which sucks. The owner says he's fine with them doing anything, but it's going to take a while. I don't know what my alternatives are besides Comcast, who cost like twice as much and generally seem to have crappier service. Anyone know how to find out about DSL there? I don't even know who to talk to, especially because in general I wasn't planning to set up a landline...

Toys of the Moment
Milked has some interesting, often interactive, content, though a lot of the most interesting bits are all about nekkid ladies. The animated boobies is probably the most engaging, but also the most pornographic.

Passage of the Moment
But if there are some Americans who want peace badly enough to give up their right to wage war, they are being outvoiced by our militant Old Guard, whose idea of a foreign policy is to keep the United States armed to the teeth and ever ready to challenge any country which disputes our world leadership. Regardless of the existence of personal misgivings, we, as a nation, are placing our reliance not on international cooperation but upon the atomic bomb and the willingness of "our boys" to back our decisions with their lives. If it takes two to make a war, we are making certain that we are one of them.
--Edgar L. Jones, in One War is Enough, a 1946 piece in the Atlantic. Stirring words from a veteran that still seem all to relevant today. The debate at the time was about peacetime conscription, like some European countries have now. The other articles in the sidebar of the main re-evaluation of WW2 page are worth checking out as well, especially this stark and gruesome look at what WW2 was really like for those living through it.

Passing of the Moment
RIP Ronald Reagan. I think I was too young when he was in office for me to have formed a mature opinion of him. I don't think he's the demon that the left makes him out to be, nor do I think he's the superhero conservatives paint him as. (In particular, I really don't hope to see him on any money anytime soon.) Two random anecdotes: I remember in 1984 my fifth grade class held mock-elections..I was firmly Mondale, but then, lemming-like, I switched my vote to Reagan when I saw that was what everyone else was going to do. And then in seventh grade, I picked him us my subject for a biography book report, where we had to dress up and playact as the person. So, here to the right is my best Ronnie impression, circa 1987 or so...

Also, I'm reminded of last November when I posted this wonderful excerpt from a letter Reagan wrote to his then infant daughter. Ah, heck, it bears reprinting here:
"There were no 'Northern Lights' last night but there was a big moon and a sky full of stars shining down on the glaciers and snow covered peaks. It was a beautiful night with a constant breeze that seems to come from out among the stars and it seems at times that if you listen very carefully it will whisper secrets as old as time."
Rest in Peace, Ronald Reagan. You always had our best interests at heart.