far from land or dock.

June 12, 2004
Guest Host of the Moment
Hello, I'm LAN3, and Kirk has generously invited me to update kisrael while he's down in Joisey. I'll do my best to rip off Kirk's format and style, while still giving you those informative links, provocative thoughts, and wicked distractions that you, like me, have come to this page to see. I won't attempt poetry, I promise. As a poet, I'm a Vogon.

Music of the Moment
Currently on heavy rotation in my various players is the latest song from Interröbang Cartel, a band composed of any willing contributors who read and/or post to alt.religion.kibology. "Ballad of the Eire Canal" is a song composed originally for another newsgroup by Friend-of-Kisrael Ranjit after he was inspired by a typo. It's just these bits of unqualified genius that show up from time to time that make so very much crap on USENET worth reading. The lyrics are worth a read by themselves, but there's an instrumental version by SWT and an excellent a cappella version by JWGH, who has a wacky Interröbang Cartel codename that escapes me at the moment.

Meanwhile, the same SWT has just completed a decent-sized (15:37) synthetic symphony, which I'm about halfway through hearing for the first time. If you like video game music from the NES era, you'll adore this.

News Cycle of the Moment
Everyone's saying goodbye to President Reagan this morning. NPR broadcast the funeral in special coverage this morning, just as on Wednesday they covered, during the All Things Considered hour, the arrival of President Reagan's body at the Capitol rotunda.

Well, I wouldn't be a blogger or the like if I didn't make it about me, so here goes: I'm creeped out that they flew his corpse cross-country to lie in state. I'm not disturbed by the notion of viewing the corpse in general, but death should not, IMO, entail long distance round-trip travel.

Fortunately, I believe I run little risk of being so famous that I'll get anything other than a one-way trip to wherever my body will spend its eternal rest. But who knows where this guest-hosting gig will take me?

Where's Kirk @ the Moment?
As Kirk mentioned, he'll be attending the traveling production of "A Prairie Home Companion," the long-running radio variety show hosted by Garrison Keillor, who appears under several names in kisrael with a reasonable frequency. You, the reader, can watch the show too, thanks to the miracle of streaming media. Don't hesitate to click that link for a run-down on the netcast -- it won't start launching players on you or anything. The show will start at 6:45 Eastern Kirkles Time, and out here on the left coast will start in the yawning afternoon at 3:45.