microsoftly, so softly

June 17, 2004
Geek Article of the Moment
I don't know how hard core techie you have to to appreciate How Microsoft Lost the API War, but it's great. "Joel on Software" always makes so much sense...talking about how Microsoft had two competing ideas, backwards compatability at any price vs. charging headlong into the future...and now that the second camp has won, it's going to reinforce the move of a lot of stuff to the web.

Article of the Moment
This is also the kind of country where the president meets with the members of a radical, far-right millennialist Christian sect three weeks before he counteracts all known international law and opinion regarding the Israeli-Palestinian situation. That sect, known as the Apostolic Congress, opposes any deal with the Palestinians because it believes that Christ won't return to Earth until all of Israel belongs to the Jews and Solomon's temple is rebuilt. To those of us who like a dose of sanity in our morning coffee, such ideas are anathema, but to President Bush, they're a daily briefing.
The amazing, bizarre fact is that a Christian Apocalyptic cult has control of the highest levels of our government sect has an alarmingly strong influence on the highest levels of our government. (Revision springs from dialog with LAN3 in comments section...but I'd also add I don't think that type of thinking leads to good long term or even short term best-interest planning.)

I think about movies that deal with the end of the world. You know what I notice? Most of the time, the good guys are trying to STOP the end of the World, not clear the damn path for it. It's a simple rule: life, good. Everything going boom and taking billions of people with it, bad. But that rule doesn't apply here, because our administration is on the Jesus Happy Train.

The ARROGANCE of these people...MAN. Back when I was a believer in traditional protestant doctrine, I was kind of worried, because I wasn't quite positive that I hadn't fallen back into sin...I did the whole Jesus into my heart/reborn thing, but I was kind of hoping that "Revelation" wouldn't happen for a bit, just so I'd have more time to establish my self as a good guy more firmly and stop all this dang backsliding. But these PRICKS are SO CONVINCED they're on the Good Side of all yi yi.

You know, I would be willing to bet cash money that someone in the administration has written up some plans about what to do when the president and his entire staff is taken up into heaven, along with all those other True Believers across the land and across the world...these guys read "Left Behind" like other people read Nostradamus.