June 20, 2004
Movie Geekery of the Moment
We already know that "You Can't Outrun a Bullet", but just how fast are the explosions and T-Rexes and what not we see movie heroes and heroines running away from all of the time? Check out The Reality of Running Away.

Shakespeare of the Moment
O, thou wilt speak again of banishment.

I'll give thee armour to keep off that word:
Adversity's sweet milk, philosophy,
To comfort thee, though thou art banished.

Yet 'banished'? Hang up philosophy!
Unless philosophy can make a Juliet,
Displant a town, reverse a prince's doom,
It helps not, it prevails not: talk no more.
Years ago I saw the Cleveland Ballet's production of Romeo and Juliet and the only part that really stuck with me (other than the way the supposedly just slain guys in tights where very clearly still panting like a lizard onstage) was this exchange, with Romeo rolling on the floor in emotional agony. Back then I wondered just what those philosophies of such comfort would be...I think I had that quote in the back of my head as I assembled the Skeptic's Guide to Mortality

Observation of the Moment
I realized sometimes I use emotional memory as an aid to regular memory...continuing the ongoing moving-in process, I come across an odd canvas maroon belt. I can't think of what it's for. But I notice for some reason I have some feeling of guilt about it, something I should be doing...oh,'s a yoga belt I got at Target a month or so again, and I've been slacking on my yoga...(lately I have an excuse what with my back and all, but still...) Does anyone else do that?