hear their story

Quote of the Moment
A quote he loved especially--and carried around with him--was from Mary Lou Kownacki: 'There isn't anyone you couldn't love once you've heard their story.' There were many times I wanted to be angry at someone, and Fred would say, 'But I wonder what was going on in that person's day.' His capacity for understanding always amazed me.
Joanne ("Mrs.") Rogers, from the intro to "The World According to Mr. Rogers".
I love that "heard their story quote, and I think Mr. Roger's additional thought is very worthwhile...if someone's a jerk in traffic, I scream and yell 'cause I like screaming and yelling, but if I get right down to it I assume they're rushing their pregnant wife to the hospital or something.

Machinery of the Moment
Hmmm...I could get a nice small car, or how about one of these instead? I don't think parking would be a big problem. Here's the guy who makes 'em.

Funny of the Moment
Fargo of gamespy.com sets up a 'bot to automatically play the online Star Wars game. Hilarity ensues. (In case you're not a gammer, the 'Bots excuse of "Lag" is claiming that his internet connection is lagging.)

Summary of the Moment
Slate presents the highlights from Clinton's new book....man, I love these. They read so you don't have to!