Game of the Moment
Thrust 2002 is a decent port of the old C=64 game "Thrust"...looks great, though doesn't impress me quite as much as Thomas Jentzsch's amazing port to the Atari 2600.

Product of the Moment
I have to admit, boingboing's coverage of an explosive sink and toilet plunger (it uses C02 cartridges to blast through clogs...literally) sounds pretty temping. I wonder if that's the best thing for older pipes, though...

Oddness of the Moment
It's the Hall of Technical Documentation Weirdness. Good for a quick glance... AT&T's circa 1952 sweeping instructions were pretty good, and I found these warning diagrams from a toy tank strangely compelling. How To Put a Compaq Proliant server on a table should be a lesson to us all as well.

Software of the Moment
Stickies for Windows seems to be a pretty decent version of virtual Post-It notes for your Windows desktop...