car you being served?

August 25, 2004
Site of the Moment
I'm a little annoyed that I'm still a obsessing a bit about cars, but still, Autoblog is pretty cool, with lots of little make-specific miniblogs. Makes for pretty good quick reading.

I really think hatchbacks are the way of the future. There's a lot of 'em out now: the MINI, my Scion xA, the Mazda3, the Pontiac Vibe (what a name for a car!), a bunch of others. Maybe it's a fad, but I think hatches make a lot more sense than trunks. (Here's a really strange new one from Toyota, at least in Japan...and going from the strange to the bizarre, there's also a MINI Stretch Limo...with a built-in whirlpool.)

News of the Moment
Wow. Florida is even more of a voting nuthouse than we all thought...

Article of the Moment
Tricks of the Trade is a very cool piece about little tricks various professionals have figured out...some are clever, some are downright sneaky.

Joke of the Moment
Q: What did the left shoe say to the right shoe?
A: Nothing! Shoes don't talk!
--Oscar the Grouch, via luke923...