Haiku of the Moment

Prank of the Moment
Tip of the day: Take a screenshot of an error message, and set it as your desktop background. Move all your icons to other places on the screen so it looks like there's two of each. Move your taskbar to another side, or top of the screen. Log out of your computer and shut down. Then take it to a tech support guy and tell him how you get this error message every time your machine starts up that won't go away, and how there are two taskbars running and you have problems starting some of your programs. See how long it takes them to figure it out.
UnavailableName IM'd me with that last night.

Ramble of the Moment
So I started a new determination to watch my eating and exercise two days ago. My first day I lost 4 pounds! I figure at that rate I'll weigh 80 something pounds by October. Or I can just lost 28 or so in a week, then quit...I don't know why people say dieting is so difficult.

Music of the Moment
The PRECURSORS do really great remixes of the music from the old Star Control 2 game...

Bad News of the Moment
Man, Hurricane Frances sounds like bad news. Sometimes it amazes me that we have an infrastructure that seems to whether stuff like Hurricane Charlie without too much hassle. (At least for people not in the immediate area.)

Lessee...seriously, this is only the fourth category 5 storm this year, and the first time since 1950 that two major hurricanes have hit Florida in a month. I think anecdotal evidence is building that the weather is seriously being broken...