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September 2, 2004
Ramble of the Moment
So there's that new indy film with the title "Napolean Dynamite", which, supposedly by coincidence, is the pseudonym Elvis Costello (heh, not his real name either come to think of it) used on his 1986 album "Blood and Chocolate". And it made me think that an Elvis Costello fan would get ticked, because most websearches for "Napolean Dynamite" will be about the movie, not about Costello.

I decided there should be a name for this: your "Dooplegoogler" is the person or thing, more famous than you, and with a similar enough name that Google searches for you are thwarted. Now, the Costello fan can arrange to search for both full names, but I live in fear of the Scottish National Church (aka "Kirk") having a big terrorist incident at its Jerusalem chapel, because then I might be totally lost on like the tenth page of a Google search.

Quote and Art of the Moment
"A good friend of mine often compares programming to music. He studied jazz improvistion at the college level and is now a programmer... so I feel like he has a good insight into this sort of thing. One quote that really made sense to me was, 'Traditional jazz improvisation is all about trying to fit creative and spontaneous music composition on top of somewhat predictable chord progressions.'

This is what many programmers try to do... develop creative solutions using predictable software design patterns. I guess Alex Mclean has found a way to be creative AND spontaneous with his coding."
-- UncleBiggims in this Slashdot article on this guy who programs in real time to make music. Man...coding Perl live, with an audience...THAT takes cajones.
I should look into this...supposedly, getting back into making music, making some electronica using the basslines I've had in my head (and on any available piano) since highschool is the mandate for my 30s.

Image of the Moment
--sign from the Kingdom of Tonga, in the South Pacific, via ThisIsBroken.com