e-mail, shme-mail...that doesn't sound quite right

For some reason alienbill.com, the site I use for email, is down. Those jerks. I'm almost dreading holiday weekends, because it seems like things are much likelier to go wrong and not get fixed through the whole damn thing. It really irritates me.

If anyone needs to email me they should try my new gmail address, kirkjerk at gmail dot com.

Image of the Moment
--via LAN3, this is a giant Digging-Wheel Excavator used in Open Cast Mining. (Bigger photo at that link--also here is another one of these behemoths... amazing to think humans can do stuff on this scale.)

Musical of the Moment
Saw Lion King the musical yesterday, as "Cagey" surmised and asked about...bought some tickets off of my ex-mother-in-law, because her husband had to hussle back to Florida to batten down the hatches for Frances. Unbeatable seats as well, right at the front center of the balcony. The Musical was great, it's a solid story, but the spectacle...the imaginative costumes and puppets were brilliant. I loved the kind of in-between conceptual space the puppets occupied. You don't just look at the puppet, you don't just observe the puppeteer, it's some synergy of the two. Really nifty.