kirk's moving rule no. 381: don't lose your damn keys (wallet either)

September 25, 2004
Passage of the Moment
"It's hard to stop looking for something without simultaneously giving up hope. I don't know how. Buddhists learn the art of non-attachment, or they say they do. But have you ever seen a Buddhist lose his car keys? I have, and they're just like the rest of us."
--Erika Krouse, "Zero"

Random Gripe of the Moment
Feh. Typing "" only works like half the time, but "" works all the time. I hate typing the "www" and I always secretly look down (just a little bit) on people who instinctively type it in first when you're telling them about a new URL. Even if sometimes they're right and you need the "www".

Image of the Moment
--82-Year-Old Pole Vaulter, via's Image of the Day. Man, I hope I'm still physically active when I'm that age, even if not quite THAT active...

Bad News of the Moment
EB pointed out that what passes for my "hometown", Cleveland is ranked poorest big city in the USA, despite some promising rebound activities in the 90s.

I was in the suburbs of Cleveland for most of middle school and all of high school...actually, I was van monitor during my summer job with the Catholic Diocese's Daycamp for Mentally Handicapped kids, and got to ride through those neighborhoods on a daily basis.

It's tough to hear about this, especially since those poor neighborhoods on the East Side of Cleveland were kind of pushing their way east into the towns I went to school in. Our community in Cleveland Heights (7th and 8th grade) was especially interesting, half-Black (who wanted a nice neighborhood to live) and half-Orthodox Jew (who wanted to be within walking distance of the temple.)