i thought you didn't smoke

October 1, 2004
Passage of the Moment
"I thought you didn't smoke?" George said as I reached over and plucked one of the cigarettes from her packet. We were huddled together on the sofa, under a duvet that George had hurridly gone and pulled off the bed. (It wasn't really cold in the room, but it's just nice to huddle together under something. And anyway, there's something slightly awkward about staying completely nude after sex. Like you've finished doing everything now but, rather inelegantly, appear to have some nakedness left over. It's the kind of feeling you get looking at the food remaining on a table after a party's ended.)
--Mil Millington, "A Certain Chemistry"

Kirk's Law of Plugs and Sockets
Any plug that can't be inserted and removed with a single hand, ideally without looking too closely, is broken by design.

Coaxial cable and old-school press-to-release stereo wire plugs, I'm looking at you. Seriously, who came up with these things?

Politics of the Moment
"Well, actually, he forgot Poland."
--Bush in last night's Presidential Debate (transcription here) I only watched about half of it, but that's the line that seemed really funny, how he kept coming back to it. Not to denigrate Poland, but in terms of allies, you'd like to have some larger players on the world stage besides England...