destroy him, my robots

Dang, sorry to see my American/European dream thing didn't get any response...

Cover of the Moment
--A pulp-sci-fi cover by Frank R. Paul. That's an awesome gallery to browse through, and if that's just the first "room" of the gallery (links to other rooms below the thumbnails and the business card.) So many cool images!

Video of the Moment
In confirming the wording of my title quote, I found this little gem, a video of Sony's humanoid robots doing Geisha dances. (The quote is from an old C=64 Impossible Mission, with its even more famous speech opening "Another visitor...Stay a while...Stay FOREVER!" Of course, the Atari 7800 version of that game actually was impossible, so it just goes to show.)

Politics of the Moment
Now are you sorry you didn't nominate this guy for president?
I caught a bit on the radio, more on TV. And since I know I'm biased and who I'm going to vote for, I judge the candidates the way I suspect the general populace: how do they look? What kind of aura do they project? Cheney looked old and tired and slouched through most of it, but Edwards blinked too much. I liked the gaffes that Saletan points out, though I do admit Edward's dodge on his attendance record was a bit much for a rationalist guy like me. But overall, I do think he would have made a stronger candidate than Kerry...again, mostly because he's better looking. That's what wins elections.

It's funny when Cheney brought up his being selected as VP candidate back before 2000 without mentioning that he was heading up the search committee...

Passing of the Moment
I tell ya I get no respect from anyone. I bought a cemetery plot. The guy said, 'There goes the neighborhood!'