shaken, stirred, blended

October 8, 2004
Slogan Idea of the Moment
Some prefer their love shaken. Others, stirred. Me, I head straight for the blender.
--Just a random idea I had. Don't know if it's any good. Got this month's Blender Digest out, finally. Includes a ramble I wrote On The Improbability of Casual Dating.

Quote of the Moment
"There are two ways to handle women. And I know neither."

Video Game History of the Moment
Slashdot linked to a visual history of 2D Mario. In related news, this movie puts Nintendo's upcoming handhold, the Nintendo DS, in a very good light, showing both how the double screen can be utilized, but especially how the touch sensitive screen can be used for some cool gameplay elements.

Conspiracy of the Moment
I'm watching the, there's a theory out there-- IsBushWired-- is he getting prompted ala Cyrano with a hidden earphone? I dunno, but listening to how he says words in spurts, often with his eyes shifting to one side during the pause...I wouldn't be at all surprised.