politics...for me to poop on!

October 27, 2004
Videos of the Moment
"How painful was it when the doctor removed your sense of shame?"
--Triumph the Insult Comic Dog takes on the spin room after the third presidential debate. Great stuff...offensive to the easily offended, but really really funny. More Triumph Videos!

Image and Link of the Moment
Cluster Ballooning... magical-looking, but it sounds like it's a bit dangerous, especially the part about not hitting any powerlines on your way down.

Quote of the Moment
"It is up to us to hallow creation, to respond to life with the fullness of our lives. It is up to us to meet the world, to embrace the whole even as we wrestle with its parts. It is up to us to repair the world and to bind our lives to truth. Therefore we bend the knee and shake off the stiffness that keeps us from the subtle graces of life and the supple gestures of love. With reverence and thanksgiving, we accept our destiny and set for ourselves the task of redemption."
--Rabbi Rami Shapiro. They used this reading to close out last night's meeting of my UU church "Science and Spirituality" group.