november pain

November 1, 2004
Quote of the Moment
"Every player who excels in the college game has a modicum of bloodlust; as Bill Parcells once noted, football isn't a game for well-adjusted adults."
--Brendan I. Koerner in this older Slate piece on Why some NFL players are meaner than others. And with that, the Patriots record-breaking, absolutely historic winning streak came to an end...

Link of the Moment
You probably have to be geeky to get this but this Slashdot link comparing Linux Gentoo users to "Ricers" really amused me...because I tend to see computers as more-or-less appliances, at least as far as the hardware and OS goes, I'm amused by people who go nuts trying to tweak their systems. ("Ricers" is a disparaging term for guys who take Japanese cars and tweak them for "better performance"...the most obvious sign of Ricers are super big rear spoilers and those giant exhaust pipes)

Video of the Moment
--Cobra Commander for President! Stop the wasteful GI Joe Boondoggle that's taking the taxpayers money!