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November 25, 2004
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone...try to keep in mind what you're thankful for.

Vanity Card of the Moment
I believe that the very act of believing in something causes us to distance ourselves from that thing, thus a duality is created: oneself and the thing in which one believes. Now since we all know that in order to fully understand a thing one must be that thing -- walk a mile in its shoes so to speak -- it seems obvious that the state of believing in something inevitably causes us to not truly understand that thing in which we believe. This noncomprehension leads to all sorts of difficulties. "I believe in love" has a better than even chance of leading to divorce, while "I believe in God" seems to end in variations on the Spanish Inquisition. But -- and it's a big but -- if one were love, one couldn't help but be affectionate and caring towards oneself and others. If one were God, one would act toward all beings and all things as if they were one's own creations. And that, my friends, is the secret of life in a two-second vanity card. Of course, the secret could also be "Sit, Ubu, sit." We have to keep an open mind.
Chuck Lorre, vanity card at the end of an episode of "Dharma and Greg"
You can see the series of vanity cards here...either go for the Text-Only option, or hit the Flash and click on the bookshelves.

Random Thought of the Moment
Is Thanksgiving the only major US holiday mainly represented by what you eat on it? (Other than Groundhogs Day of course.) It's kind of macabre seeing all these happy turkeys around. But it's either that or pilgrim gear. Or maybe Autumn leaves, though that's a stretch.