i can see right through you

December 9, 2004
Image and Link of the Moment
--from Skeletal Systems of cartoon characters by Michael Pallus... macabre and cool, but I think I saw the basic idea in MAD magazine back in the day.

Dude of the Moment
The cultural linguistics of "Dude". Basically, it's a way for males to achieve "cool solidarity"--close, but not too close.

I find this kind of stuff fascinating. I noticed some of the guys from India at work are a bit more touchy feely than American guys tend to be. One of them, actually a half-Indian, half-Kuwaiti guy named Noor thought it was actually because there was more segregation of the genders when they're growing up, so (at least for heterosexuals) physical contact doesn't have as much of a possible sexual charge. Interesting theory...I do think American males are way too uptight about someone thinking they might be gay.

You know, stupid footnote, I kind of miss Mo say "Oh, dudely!" to express a startled admiration for something.