that's dedication

December 14, 2004
Dedication of the Moment
To the most precious and adored things in my life: Jonathan and Peter. If I can leave you nothing else, at least let me leave you the dedication in this book.

Oh and, incidentally, the way things are going I probably will be leaving you nothing else, okay? Bite the bullet, lads.

--Mil Millington, dedication to "A Certain Chemistry". He's the guy who made the still very funny Things My Girlfriend and I have Argued About page, and now he's written two funny novels as well.

Note To Self of the Moment
Self: your first initial is K. K is also the first initial of your girlfriend. Plus, there are a bajillion other things in your life that "K" could stand for. Therefore, if you are going to write a remind on your hand to remember to bring the Karaoke stuff for the company party, you might want to write something more than just that letter.