short people

December 18, 2004
Ramble of the Moment
Alright, this might fall under the category of "too much information", not that that's ever stopped me before...

I've noticed an odd change in what I find inherently physically appealling in women. I mean, I think most everyone has their "type"...not that they don't recongize the beauty of people not matching that type, but anyone they meet who fits the category gets kind of a "bonus" in how attractive they seem. Like guys who say they go for "leggy blonds". And for the longest time for me it was short, compact women who would get that boost.

But not so much lately. Probably not coincidentally, around since a month or so after starting to go out with Ksenia, who has a nice long lean look. So I wonder about the chicken and egg nature of this. Though the appeal of women who might be said to fit Ksenia's type isn't as pronounced as my previous attraction to compact women. But a majority of my fun relationships from half way through high school to...well, Mo...were with women who could be considered short. So maybe that explains it, that being with someone who I find attractive in many ways has an influence on what I find physically appealing in the outside world.

Eh, who knows. Warning: this ramble gets worse. The squeamish or prudish may want to skip to the cute little doggie picture below.

In other news...I'm trying to think of an equivalent of the metaphor for "shot my load", one that I can actually use in polite conversation. I mean, it's a useful concept; I want to say how I kind of "shot my load" in terms of thougtful gifts for Ksenia because her birthday was in November, and now Christmas is coming up. But of course I can't say that without being really offensive. Anyone know of an equivalent metaphor, the idea of using up all your resources so now you don't have any left?

Image of the Moment
--A dog with large ears from's Image of the Day.